Tips to Promote Your Music on Social Media

Creating music for your audience is not a daunting job but what matters is the promotion through the right social media channels that converts.

One such great platform to connect with music fanatics is Spotify. Upload your music to Spotify and get more Spotify followers by delivering the best possible performance.

An engaging song is all you need to become an internet sensation, and you can expect a smooth stream of followers.

However, if you are underrating the power of social media channels, then chances are you will end up getting frustrated at the end of the day.

The competition is not just to gain fake followers, but to win the die-hard fans who truly love your music by heart and will support your music.

Let’s spill the beans on how to get more plays on Spotify and at the same time learn about impactful promotion of your music on social media.

Create Your Music Profile

First things first, whenever you are starting out publicly, your first goal should be signing up on the social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify. Ensure that all your social media handles have the relevant information useful for your fanbase. This may include the concert dates, upcoming events, and music artist bio.

Another key factor is creating your website. Make sure your theme, domain, and overall appearance of the website portray you as a professional music artist.

Market Your Efforts

Market Your Efforts

Once you are done with creating a website and optimizing your profile on social media channels. The next task revolves around advertising your services and upcoming events. Facebook paid advertising can be fruitful in reaching a massive audience. Also, you can make use of the boosted posts that help outreach to your fans who have already liked your page, and followed you. However, this requires a bit of technical knowledge regarding Facebook Ad Manager. Additionally, you can create different ads and target the audience based on the geographic location and people’s interests.

Share Your Content

This is another crucial thing to consider. Divide your music into albums and upload them on handles one by one. Share in such a way that it is curious to the users. Add catchy captions to retain their attention and inform them about the upcoming music bundles.

Once you find the rhythm, things will certainly become easier. Besides, this will make your audience engaged, and soon you will have an established online presence.

Streaming Services

Music Streaming Services

More often than not, music lovers are crowded on the streaming services like SoundCloud, Spotify, Amazon, and Apple Music to listen to the latest songs of their favorite artists and keep up to date with the trending music. Therefore, if your music has the potential to outperform the competitors, then streaming services can do wonders for you. It is highly advisable to stay connected with followers by uploading most of your music to these platforms.


YouTube Service

With a skyrocketing audience on YouTube, other social media channels’ followings get shadowed down. If you want to grow exponentially, make sure you don’t trivialize the power of YouTube. Tick all the boxes by creating the YouTube channel, uploading and sharing the videos frequently. With that said, also focus on creating alluring titles and integrating keywords in your video descriptions.

A golden nugget of advice is to embed YouTube shareable links on your website and social media platforms. This is also known as cross-promoting products and services.


Lastly, make sure you strategize your planning to optimize the results. And, without proper planning and strategy, you might not be able to reap your efforts. Another important thing to consider is to be consistent on your journey and not get demotivated if the results didn’t work out.

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