How Much Do Instagram Models Make?

Since 17.5 percent of the world’s population are monthly Instagram users, it is considered one of the most effective platforms to reach out to the targeted audience for any business. The trend of television ads has shifted to social media ads and instead of hiring celebs, businesses are hiring Instagram Models. Instagram model is no more an alien term, and the career scope is huge!

All you need to do is develop your personality and market yourself for a specific niche you love to be associated with. You must post delightful pictures that project you as a model and focus on getting in more people on your followers’ list. For this, you can also go for organic Instagram followers from Simplygram. Let’s now get to the main topic.

How much do Instagram Models make?

Instagram Models

Instagram models do not have a fixed range of earnings. It varies and depends on several factors. Some businesses hire Instagram models for once, some for a few days, while some pay on a project basis. Also, some hire a certain model for a specific period as their Brand face. Celebrities like Ariana Grande, Cristiano Ronaldo, earn millions of dollars for their one post.

As mentioned on, if you are an influencer with approximately 1 million followers, you can earn $670 approximately on every post. With 100,000 followers, your earnings from one post can be $200; and with 10K followers, it can be $88 per post. You need to tread on the right path to reach this amount. So, the more followers, the more money you can make.

The journey, however, needs a lot of patience and dedication as there is no fixed source for an Instagram Model in the very beginning. But yes, once you have worked for several brands and have many followers and a strong portfolio, the journey becomes much easier and legit. Kylie Jenner makes $1 million for 1 post, she is one of the highest-paid models. 

How to make way as a successful Instagram model?

successful Instagram model

Market yourself

To become a successful Instagram model, you must have a strategy with two phases to market yourself, i.e., reach out to your target audience. 

  1. The people interested in the niche what you share on your Instagram page. 
  2. The business that are selling products or services for the same niche  

For example, you are planning to be a fitness coach, you first need to build your page for the fitness freaks who will follow you to consume fitness-related content. Educate, Engage and Excite are what you need to do to keep up with your followers. 

Once you have enough followers, you can check out a business that sells fitness products in diet, clothing, tools, etc. They might hire you and pay you to recommend their product to your followers. 

Get into Collaborations, Sponsorship, and Paid Promotions

There are businesses you might want to reach out to directly. At times, you may notice, brands are reaching out to you to promote their products. This can be a barter deal, but you can certainly harp on this opportunity to build your profile initially.  Being an Instagram model gives you the leverage of being your boss.

  • Promotion:

Instagram models these days are also hitched into affiliate marketing. You can share your referral link in the bio section and get a commission from the seller on every purchase your followers make from them.

  • Collaboration:

When you are not getting enough business, you can collaborate with other Instagram models or small businesses and share the benefits. 


If you are willing to take up modeling as your career, Instagram can be the best place to start. Remember that your Instagram page is a hotspot for attracting clients.

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