Rewards$2000 GetGo gift card 
PrerequisitesMust have a purchase receipt,
Must have attained the legal age.
Requirements and RestrictionsMust be 18 years and above,
Must be a legal resident, conversant with English language,
Pc, laptop or a mobile phone with stable internet connection.
Contact information(800) 553-2324, (800) 553-2324, and (866) 620-0216
Working HoursOpen 24HRS


Participating in the GetGo survey gives you a chance to win a $2000 GetGo gift card. The gift card can be redeemed and used at any outlet GetGo convenience store of your choice. The survey questions were made precisely for the customers. However to win these rewards you need to meet all the requirements needed. 

Shop at any of GetGo respective stores, join and participate in GetGo feedback survey and get a chance to win this prize. 

GetGolistens Survey Rules


To get into the survey site to participate, you should first be a legal citizen of the United States. This is the first and foremost qualification followed closely by having attained the age above 18. You should purchase from any outlet store to get a receipt with the survey code.

Requirements and Restrictions

There are specific rules and regulations you need to follow when participating in this survey. The company uses GetGo listens site to know where the problem may be to provide better services. This requires that the information collected is relevant and usable. Thus the restrictions and requirements put in place to ensure this include;

  • One must be above the legal age to participate. This means that one must have a means of identification such as an identification card or a valid visa. The individual’s consent is also important and, for this reason, must be legally accountable.
  • Must have a stable and reliable internet connection. One must own a phone or a computer. This will make it possible for them to access the internet and take part in the survey.
  • One should be well conversant with the English language. The survey questions are available only in the English language. One should be able to understand English to answer the questions correctly.
  • It would be best if you read the rules and regulations before participating. 


The following are the restrictions put in place to ensure that the survey is not misused. This helps to boost the relevancy of the study and thus makes the information reliable. The restrictions include;

  • One must not be an employee of the store or any of its outlets. The survey aims to ascertain the customer’s issues. Employees’ participation will only serve to derail the purpose of the survey
  • Any close relatives or friends to the employees are also not allowed to participate. Close friends and relatives may also not join, since the information they give may be biased.
  • You cannot exchange the prize won. The grand prize coupon can only serve to give you a free shopping experience at the store and nothing more.
  • The winners are not allowed to sell the price coupon to others. Once you have won, you and only you can participate in the usage of the price coupon. Selling the price coupon for money in return is considered a crime.
  • The winners will not share the gift card price. This means that each winner will get their separate winning coupons for themselves.
  • You cannot participate in the survey if there is no GetGo outlet store in your area. It is important to note that the study aims to improve their services from all of their stores and therefore your participation is deemed very relevant.
  • Entry into the survey is only once. Each individual is allowed to participate in the survey only once. Note that any other earlier participation attempts do not count.  

GetGolistens Survey Instruction

  • Visit the GetGo listens survey website:
  • On the homepage, it’s required you enter the code from your purchase receipt to continue.
  • Once you write the code, click on the submit button to continue. This should take you to a new page with some more requirements.
  • On the next page, you’ll find several questions you’re supposed to attend to.
  • You are required to answer the questions with at most honesty.
  • After you have submitted your responses, you will need to provide your contact information.
  • Kindly don’t leave off any of your personal information since it will be used to contact you if you win.
  • You have completed the survey, and you stand a chance to win the grand prize of $2000.

About GetGo

GetGo is among the leading convenience stores owned and made operational by Giant Eagle. Both the companies are located in Pittsburgh as the headquarters and the other store worldwide. It was founded originally as Cross Roads in 1985, then transitioned to Giant Eagle in 2001, and finally to GetGo in 2003.

In 2005, Giant Eagle gained full acquisition of GetGo, making it a subsidiary of the company. In the year 2015, GetGo expanded its wings to other locations such as the Philippines. It also got into other sectors of service provision such as lifestyle, travel, and the banking sector. In 2016, It introduced a new mode of payment by the use of cards.

GetGo has made it their initiative to establish communication with their customers. It is well known that the best way to improve your sales is by offering the much-needed services by the customers.

For this reason, has decided to create a customer satisfaction survey system. The GetGo opinion survey has the sole purpose of getting to know more about their customer’s experience. They would like to know how to improve services at their GetGo store to improve on their sales.

Contact information:

Contacts:  (800) 553-2324, (800) 553-2324, and (866) 620-0216

Working hours:

Open 24HRS

Useful Links:

GetGoListens – GetGo Survey @ 

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