Gap Factory Store
Gap Factory Survey RewardsA Customer Feedback Survey
Prerequisites of Gap Factory SurveyIn-store or online verified purchase required
Gap Factory Survey Requirements & Restrictions18 years and olderEmployees and immediate family are not eligible
Gap Factory Survey Contact Information844-437-6654
Working Hours24/7 online

GAP Factory Survey Rewards

Consumers want to be rewarded for the time they spend shopping at the store. They like being recognized for supporting a business. Surveys are an effective way for businesses to reward loyal customers, and short and easy ones are best. Customers expect to get something in return, and the Outlet Feedback GAP com survey rewards each qualifying participant. 

There are rules to follow. If you meet the qualifications, you will receive a redeemable in-store coupon. You must use the discount in the store. The coupon is not redeemable online. There are purchasing requirements to meet, but you will save money the next time you shop in-store. 

The current offer for the GAP Factory Survey is a 15% off coupon when you spend $75 and more. It’s a noticeable discount on a new outfit. The coupon can be applied to both clothes and shoes. 

Outlet Feedback GAP com Survey Rules

You are being compensated for your time, but some rules determine eligibility. This includes prerequisites. Some restrictions may make you unable to claim your survey reward. It also invalidates you from taking the survey, even if you forego the reward. 

Prerequisites of GAP Factory Survey

To participate in the survey, you must meet the following requirements, there are not any exceptions. 

  • Be a legal resident of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, or Japan.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older. 
  • Have your printed in-store receipt from the GAP. 
  • Be able to access the link to take the survey. The website will also direct you on how to claim your reward. 

GAP Factory Survey Requirements and Restrictions

Not everyone can take the feedback survey. There are specific requirements and restrictions. To take the survey, you will need,

  • A receipt of your last purchase. 
  • Internet access via a tablet, computer, or handheld device.
  • Fluency in one of the offered languages on the survey homepage.

If you no longer have your printed GAP Factory receipt, you may be able to get a copy from the store you shopped at if you used a credit/debit card. Cash transactions are often too difficult to narrow down. Your credit card statement will not work as a receipt for the Outlet Feedback GAP com Survey. 

There are only a few restrictions that can affect your eligibility to take the survey or claim the prize. 

  • Employees of the company and their immediate family members are not allowed to take the survey.
  • Your coupon code can only be used by you. You cannot give it to someone else to use in the Gap Factory store. 

GAP Factory Survey Instructions

It is a feedback survey from the GAP Factory; the company wants to learn more about your experience in their store. You only need to have purchased something to start taking the short survey. 

The instructions are easy to follow. The online site will walk you through the steps that start with visiting

  • Choose the language you want to take the survey in. 
  • Enter the date and time of your receipt. 
  • Find the transaction, register, and store numbers on the receipt and enter them into the supplied fields. 
  • Select “Next” to start the survey. 
  • Answer the survey questions about your visit to the GAP Factory store. 
  • Rate your service experience. 
  • Provide required contact information. 
  • Submit your survey to
  • Claim your 15% off reward
Gap Factory Survey
Gap Factory Survey

About GAP Factory Survey!

The GAP Factory survey is sponsored by the GAP clothing company. The company’s goal is to learn where improvements need to be made. Whether it’s customer service, store appearance, or selection of clothing and shoes. The brand wants honest feedback from its consumers, even when it’s negative. 

The clothing store understands the importance of customer feedback. It shows where the company’s strengths are, and highlights the areas that need improvement. They also know it’s not easy getting consumers to spend a few minutes on a survey. This is why they offer a reward. Shoppers are more likely to take a short survey when they know there’s a prize at the end. 

GAP Factory Survey Contact Information

To contact the GAP Factory with questions or concerns about the survey, you have two options. The San Francisco based business has both an email address and phone number. It’s recommended that you use email for survey information. 

Contacting the store is only an option when you have questions about the receipt. Store employees cannot answer any questions or assist with the online survey. 

Working Hours 

The survey is online. You can take it any time during the day or night. There are beginning and ending dates for the survey. You will find the information on the website. The survey does close on a preset calendar date. It won’t affect you, as long as you take the Gap factory survey within 30 to 60 days of purchasing clothing or shoes from the store. 

Useful Links to the Website and Survey

There is only one website that sponsors the GAP Factory Survey. 

You must use the official GAP survey site. It ensures your feedback is recorded and your reward is valid towards your next purchase. 
You can also visit the GAP website at You can take the customer survey and also spend some time browsing for the latest clothing arrivals to plan your next purchase before you get your survey reward.

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