Survey Rewards100 Weis reward points.
Prerequisites of SurveyPurchase receipt.Invitation to the survey.
Requirements and RestrictionsAbove 18 years old.A citizen of the United States.
Contact InformationCustomer Service Number: 570-286-4571.
Customer Service Address: 1000 South Second Street, PO Box 471, Sunbury, Pennsylvania 17801.
Customer Service E-Mail Address: customerservice@weismarkets.com. 
Working hours7 AM – 8 PM every day

Weis Survey Rewards

www.weisfeedback.com has paved the way for Weis to get feedback from their Weis customer. One must purchase from any of the Weis Markets. Weis markets feedback requires the customer to have the invitation receipt. It is what contains your activation code for the website.

Weis feedback and its survey rewards is a platform that ensures that customers get the best services. It provides the company with direct communication to their customers’ complaints and concerns. Weis feedback survey goes a long way to ensure necessary critical changes to the company’s service sector.

One can take part in the feedback survey and complete the Weis customer feedback survey. Buy from any of the complete Weis retail stores to get into the survey and stand a chance to win 100 Weis rewards points.

Weis Survey Rules

There are a few rules and regulations attached to this survey. Among them are:

Prerequisites of Survey

To participate in the Weis customer satisfaction survey, one must meet the specified prerequisites. Also, you have to be over 18 years, and have a receipt from Weis food retailers or a Weis retail store. Such prerequisites help to coordinate the weis markets survey smoothly and successfully.  

Requirements and Restrictions

The functionality of the website solely depends on the correct running of the procedures put in place. For this reason, several ways have been put in place to ensure that information collected from the market’s is reliable.

These restrictions include the following:

  • Must be above the age of 18. This means that you must have a legal identification card to help justify this. One must also be a legal resident of the United States by jurisdiction.
  • Participation in the survey is only allowed once for every receipt because each code on every receipt is unique, and can only be used once. 
  • Weis points grand price rewards card is not allowed to be exchanged for cash. For this reason, you can only use these win 100 Weis points to purchase from the store.
  • Weis employees are not allowed to participate in the survey. This is because employee participation deems the survey meaningless. Same case to family members

This is to enhance honesty and chances of achieving the best results from the Weis markets feedback survey


To be considered a viable participant in the survey, you should meet the requirements set up by the survey team. This helps to ensure your smooth experience in the participation in the Weis market survey.

The requirements include:

  • One should have a receipt not older than 72 hours since the time of its printing. The participation receipt from the store has an expiration limit of 72 hours. 
  • Own a phone, laptop, or computer. These will help to access the internet or any other device that has internet accessibility.
  • Must have a stable internet connection. A stable internet connection will help to save on the time it will take to complete the survey. Unstable connectivity will waste time.
  • Should be able to comprehend the English or Spanish language. The questions on the website are only in the two languages specified above. Failure to understand both then you cannot participate in the survey.
  • One has a requirement to provide honest reviews and observations or complaints. This is because the information collected in the Weis market feedback survey will make delicate yet essential changes to the service provision. The company’s aim is at improving customer experience in the stores.

Weis Survey Instructions

There are few simple steps to participating in this survey. Following each of them keenly is very important. The questions are simple and straightforward. Whatever information you provide honesty is very useful. It helps you and other customers to get the best services on your next services. These steps include:

  • Visit the official site www.weisfeedback.com.
  • Enter the required fields: location, reward card number, and the date of visit to the Weis store from your purchase receipt.
  • After double-checking the codes are correct, click on the “start” button to continue.
  • You go to the next interface containing the survey questions.
  • Use your previous visit to give the correct feedback to the questions and use the utmost honesty to the answers and reviews.
  • After answering all the survey questions, give your details requested, and you get your promised 100 Weis reward points.

About Weis

Harry and Sigmund Weis founded the Weis Company in 1912. They opened a small store in the mid-Atalantic neighborhood and named it Weis Pure Foods on Market Street in Sunbury  Pennsylvania. They have stores all over the United States and have employed over 23000 employees.

They now make their own Weis Quality Ice Cream of 60 different flavors using excess butterfat from their milk procession. Currently, they also support local farmers by purchasing their produce and buying well over 20 million local produce pounds. They also have programs that give back to the community.

Weis products have a high fixation on their ingredients. The main focus is on the blending of real natural ingredients for rich taste in the final products. They are committed to maintaining the true authentic taste of the ingredients and at the same time leaving you with an amazing flavored taste.

Contact Information

Head office contact: 570-286-4571

Customer Service Address: 1000 South Second Street, PO Box 471, Sunbury, Pennsylvania 17801.

Customer Service E-Mail Address: customerservice@weismarkets.com

Working Hours

Monday to Sunday 7 AM – 8 PM

Useful Links

Official Website: www.weismarkets.com

Customer Survey: www.weisfeedback.com

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