Survey Rewards$100 gift card
Prerequisites of surveyMust have a purchase receipt.
Must be able to access the internet.
Requirements and RestrictionsMust be a legal resident of the United States.
Must be above 18 years of age
Contact InformationAddress: 5918 Stoneridge Mall RdPleasanton, CA 94588-3229
Phone Number: 1 (925) 467-3000 
Working Hours6 AM – 11 PM 

Vons survey Rewards

The Survival of a business highly depends on the kind of services they offer. This is in close relation to the customer service satisfaction levels in the industry. For a company to maintain complete market control of its customers, it must be satisfied with the services offered or products sold.

Vons store customer service department has come up with Vons feedback survey for every Vons customer.  The official Vons survey will help them to get in touch with their customers to get their daily shopping experience at their stores. They also have a reward system to encourage participation.

The customer feedback survey is a satisfaction survey aimed at helping in the making of important decisions. Customers can participate in the survey by buying from any Vons store to get a purchase receipt containing the survey code. You stand a chance to win 100 gift card in the survey sweepstakes.

Vons survey Rules

There are a number of rules and regulations set aside to guide the participants of the Vons customer survey. Ensure you follow all to the latter. This helps the company to run the survey in a smooth and successful way. These prerequisites rules and requirements are discussed below.

Prerequisites of survey

Participation in Von’s survey is a highly formalized practice. Making the survey site credible and dependable in terms of information collected should be above 18. One should have an invitation receipt to access the site.

Requirements and Restrictions

Any public or private organization running towards a specific goal, Vons Grocery survey put essential guidelines to facilitate this. The team’s main requirements set in place by the survey team help promote the authenticity and reliability of information collected.

They include the following:

  • Must have the latest purchase receipt from a valid Vons store. The purchase receipt contains the codes that will need to log into the website.
  • Must have a means of connection to the internet. One should own a phone or a computer, or a device that can access the internet. This is because of participation in the survey at www.vons.com.
  • Must have stable internet connection to the Vons customer service survey website. This is different from possessing a device that can connect to the internet. A good relationship will help you save time to take the survey and ensure you finish the survey smoothly.
  • One should be able to understand the English or Spanish language. This is because these are the only two languages used to write the questions. Failure to understand either of the two languages then you cannot participate in the survey.
  • Honesty in the answers given at the site is paramount. This is because the information collected will be used to make crucial managerial decisions. For this reason, the credibility of the information gathered is an essential feature of the survey.


In the governing of a company or the management of an event, one must put some rules to ensure smooth running. The restrictions and stipulations put in place are what make it possible to achieve the desired results.

These restrictions include:

  • A company employee is not allowed to participate. This is because the survey aims to collect information from the customers and not the employees.
  • One should be above 18 to participate. The collection of the information may require legal action for failure to adhere to the rules. For this reason, one should be above the age of consent.
  • One should be a legal resident of their specified jurisdiction. This is because even the company is under the law and thus must obey the land laws. For this reason, the participants are only allowed to be legal residents.
  • For each invitation receipt, you only get only one entry into the survey. The code on each receipt, once used, cannot be reused by another person or the same person.
  • A single person can only participate once in a single month. If you are a regular customer with more entry receipts, you can only join in the Vons survey win 100 once every month. The system will delete any more entries by the same person.
  • The gift card is not allowed for exchange in return for cash. One can only use the 100 gift card to shop at the Vons store for discounts.
  • Von’s survey participation is only valid for country states in the United States. Any entry outside the United States is considered null and void.

Vons Survey Instructions

  • Visit the official survey site at www.vons.com/survey.
  • Select your preferred language
  • Enter in the empty box the survey code and your email.
  • Key in the date and time you last visited before you press the start button.
  • Click Next to continue the survey questions.
  • With at most honest and authenticity, give your reviews and answers.
  • After completing the survey, give your details, including your email and join the sweepstakes draws.
  • Submit your review and stand a chance to win the grand prize.

About Vons

It is a supermarket chain originating from southern California and Southern Nevada. Its ownership is by the Albertsons and has its headquarters in Fullerton, California. Before this, it was the previous owner Safeway Inc. with its headquarters in Arcadia, California.

It was first opened in 1906 and named Von’s Groceteria in downtown Los Angeles, California. It later sold its operations to Mac Marr Stores, M.B Skaggs’ Safeway also acquired it in 1930. Fast forward to 2014, Cerberus Capital Management purchased Safeway, Vons current parent.

They offer various services such as floral, deli products and bakery and others have cleaning departments. The company also has facilities that produce milk and other baked goods. Safeway was finally acquired by the Abertons in 2015, making Vons wholly owned by them.

Contact Information

Head office Address: 5918 Stoneridge Mall Rd Pleasanton, CA 94588-3229

Phone Number: 1 (925) 467-3000

Working Hours

6 AM – 11 PM

Useful Links

Customer survey site: www.vons.com/survey

Vons Official Website: www.vons.com

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