Protect Your Vehicle from Winter


If there’s one thing every car owner knows, it’s that winter isn’t exactly the best weather for their automobile. The road salt, ice, snow, and constant need to use car protecting substances, unless you use the Suma Performance – spray ceramic coating to keep the car in good condition, is a lot to handle for one cold season.

Since we have absolutely no control over this season, taking protective measures is the only way to maintain and keep your car running in the cold. To help you do so, we’ll be providing some important tips that’ll protect your vehicle from the harsh outside elements of the winter weather.

1. Wash your vehicle more frequently

Wash your vehicle more frequently

Keeping your car clean during winter is extremely important. Why? Every time you drive out or leave it packed in an unheated garage, it accumulates road salt, which is corrosive and could damage your car’s paint, exhaust system, brakes, and other vital components of your vehicle. So, maintaining proper “car hygiene” at a time like this is one of the basic ways to protect your car. While this might be a hard task to handle, you could always make cleaning easier by applying a ceramic coating for cars that will protect your car from dirt and elements even after several car washes.

However, you need to ensure that your mirrors, rearview camera, taillights, headlights, and windshield are properly cleaned too, as salt, dirt, and grime could reduce visibility while driving. You should never ignore the tires too, keep them clean and always use winter tires for extra protection.

2. Use a protective cover

Protective covers come in handy during the cold and snowy season too. Whether your car is parked outside or not, you need these covers to protect it from the snow outside and the dust that could build up inside. Get a protective cover that is made with soft fleece to reduce its weight on your car and with tight tie straps to prevent debris and snow from blowing right in when it gets windy. The good part of owning a protective cover is that you can use it all year long, it isn’t restricted to the winter season only. 

Use a protective cover

3. Keep your interior clean

Keeping water, slush, and snow from getting inside your car is impossible. They could make their way inside your car when there’s still snow on your boots, jacket, or jeans and when you leave the door open for a while. However, you can use an all-weather mat to guard your car upholstery up until it evaporates, or you clean them up.

4. Drive more carefully

Driving in the snow requires more care to prevent accidents, as break distances get longer during this weather. To avoid accidents that could cause harm to you and your car, you should maintain a safe speed and avoid large puddles that could increase the amount of dirt and road salt that gets into your car.

Drive more carefully

5. Give your car some air

After every drive, allow some cold air in by leaving the windows down a bit. It helps to keep frost from forming on your windows overnight by replacing the moisture from your breath with drier air. This way, you get to do less cleaning.


It takes a whole lot of commitment to protecting your car from winter weather and could most times get exhausting. But it sure is the best way to prolong the lifespan of your vehicle rather than subjecting it to a lifetime of mechanic visits. Winter isn’t going to last forever, so keep calm and protect your car.

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