Rewards$3 coupon to use on the next visit. 
PrerequisitesOne should behave a receipt, internet connection, and a computer.
Employees do not participate.
Requirements and RestrictionsOnly applicable to people 18 years or older.
Restricted to United States residents, Must be 18 years and above.
Conversant with the English or Spanish languages. 
Contact informationMobile: 1-800-815-9056, Fax: 1-615-346-6301
Customer support: 844-6LOGANS.
Address: 3011 Armory Dr #300, Nashville, TN 37204, USA.
Working HoursSunday – Thursday: 11 AM to 11 PM.
Friday – Saturday: 11 AM to 10 PM.

Logan’s Listens Rewards

Businesses grow better if they receive loyalty from their customers. Such businesses only earn loyalty if they provide satisfactory services, and they treat them well in return. So how do they know how satisfied their customers are?

They hold questionnaires, interviews or ask in-person questions whenever customers visit the stores. However, Logan’s have come up with this survey, Logan’s Roadhouse survey, to help them get some feedback from their customers.

This survey is simple and straightforward. By participating, you get a chance to win yourself a $3 coupon on your next visit. So how do you join Logan’s roadhouse customer satisfaction survey?

You can redeem the Loganslistens survey, a $3 coupon code, on your next visit to any of Logan’s restaurants.  However, to win this, you’ll need to complete the survey first.

Logan’s Listens Rules

To ensure that the survey runs smoothly and successfully, the company set aside a few rules and regulations.


Before you participate in Logan’s listens survey, you have to:

  • Provide the last genuine receipt from your previous visit.
  • Ensure the receipt has the code and the serial number printed on it.
  • You must have a minimum age of 18 years.
  • The invitation code is valid for not more than 7 days.

Requirements & Restrictions

Here are a few requirements to join loganslistens.com survey. Failure to follow these rules, you will not get the free coupon. They include:

  • Survey invitation is a compulsory requirement. It is the first requirement after you visit the online survey site.
  • One should be conversant to either English or Spanish languages.
  • Have a laptop, tablet, mobile phone, or a computer to visit the side.
  • A stable internet connection.
  • Only the United States residents can participate in this survey.
  • Other requirements needed after you complete the survey include; an email address, active contacts, and your address.


Once you visit the survey at www.loganslistens.com, there are some restrictions you need to comply with to participate in Logan’s roadhouse customer survey successfully.

  • No employee or their relatives are allowed to participate in this survey. The entire survey is based on relevancy and honesty; employee participation derails this purpose.
  • The prize granted cannot at any point be exchanged for cash or anything else. You’ll only redeem the coupon on your next visit to the restaurant.
  • The coupon granted is only valid for 30 days, after which it expires and cannot be redeemed.
  • Offers may differ from one individual to another.
  • The winner is not allowed to share the free Coupon code. That is, you cannot transfer it to any other person. Only you can redeem it.
  • This survey has unlimited online entries.

Logan’s Listens Survey Instructions

To participate in this Logan’s roadhouse guest satisfaction survey, follow the following steps.

  • Once you click on the above link, it will take you to the official Logan’s roadhouse feedback page. Here you’re supposed to choose your most preferred language. There are only two languages to choose from, English and Spanish.
  • Once done, you’ll need to enter the code printed on your most recent receipt. After doing this, click next to continue.
  • On the next page, there is a place provided to which you’ll enter the serial number. Hit the “start” button to continue.
  • On the next page, you’ll find questions relating to your experience at Logan’s restaurant. They are simple and structured in an easy to understand manner. Answer them honestly based on how satisfied you were when you visited.
  • There are also general questions to the restaurant survey. Herein you choose from the options provided. Answer from highly satisfied to highly dissatisfied. There are also few sections with the “Not Applicable” option.
  • Once you finish answering all the questions, provide your details, including your name, address, valid and active email address, among others.
  • The last step is receiving the validation code where a pop page appears asking you to validate your offer. You can redeem the code you receive on your next visit.

About Logan’s Roadhouse

The LogansListens survey is a guest satisfaction survey held by Logan’s Roadhouse, a Kentucky-based restaurant chain. The restaurants date back to 1991 and recently have more than 25 franchises distributed through 23 states. However, they have their headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee.

This survey’s core purpose is to get feedback from anyone who has had a visit to Logan’s roadhouse. Whatever answers you give them concerning your last visit will help them to improve their overall services in the near future.

Participating in this survey earns you something as well. You get a chance to win a free coupon code to purchase with on your next visit. Your opinion, may it be negative or positive, matters a lot. It helps the organization to offer the best customer experience in their future visit. Therefore, don’t shun but be honest.  

Logan Listens takes this survey every second year so as to gather any information of interest from their customers concerning their facilities and services. The community keeps growing, so they learn how to cater for their needs.

Contact information:

Phone number: 1-800-815-9056

Fax number: 1-615-346-6301

Customer support number: 844-6LOGANS

Email: GuestExperience@SPBHospitality.com

Address: 3011 Armory Dr #300, Nashville, TN 37204, USA

Working hours:

Sunday – Thursday: 11 AM to 11 PM.

Friday – Saturday: 11 AM to 10 PM.

Useful Links:

Official website: https://logansroadhouse.com/

Survey link: www.loganslistens.com

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