RewardsSweepstakes monthly entry for $500 check
Free drink coupon
PrerequisitesA purchase receipt with survey code
Requirements & RestrictionsNot be a company employee
Understand English or Spanish
Contact InformationCustomer Care Number 1-888-289-6185.
Sponsor/Administrator: Firehouse Restaurant Group, Inc., 12735 Gran Bay Parkway, Suite 150, Jacksonville, FL 32258 Inc., 300 State St. Suite 402 Rochester, NY 14614 
Working Hours11 AM-11 PM

Firehouse Subs Survey Rewards

There are two categories of Winning: The first one is getting a code immediately after taking the survey and the second one is the grand prize sweepstakes. The first category is a guarantee, whereas the second category is a monthly grand draw.

Firehouse Subs Restaurant has decided to join in on the innovative methods to improve its services. They have created a customer satisfaction survey site that customers will use to air their good and bad experiences. The survey is a short survey that will not consume one’s time and resources.

Visit the Firehouse Subs to get a purchase receipt that has the survey code. Once you participate in the survey, you stand a chance to win a 500 price check as a gift card grand prize.

Firehouse Subs Listens Survey Rules


Before you get a chance to participate in the firehouse subs guest satisfaction survey, you must first meet the following criteria.

You should have purchased from any of the firehouse fast-food restaurants to get an invitation receipt.

Requirements and Restrictions


All participants must meet certain requirements and adhere to certain restrictions to ensure smooth participation. These requirements include;

  • One must be in possession of a purchase receipt. The purchase receipt of the most recent visit to the restaurant contains a code. This is the code that you will use to log into the website and participate in the survey.
  • Must have a way to access the internet. One must own either a phone or an electronic device capable of accessing the internet. 
  • You should have the ability to recall your last visit experience at the restaurant. This is because the questions asked are in direct relation to the last time you visited the outlet.
  • Should provide honest and accurate answers. The information collected will be used to make crucial customer service decisions. Therefore the data collected must be reliable.
  • You should be fully competent with the English or Spanish language. The survey questions are all written in either English or Spanish.
  • You must ensure to take the survey within three days after your last visit. Otherwise, the code on your receipt will be invalid after the timeframe specified.


Restrictions ensure good authentication of the participants taking the survey. The better the authentication, the more accurate the information collected. These restrictions include;

  • Direct employees are not allowed to participate. This is because the survey targets the customers and not the employees.
  • One is required to be a legal resident of their area of participation in the survey. It would be best if you were a lawfully legal citizen.
  • You can only participate if you have attained the legal age.  
  • The grand prize won is not allowed to be shared amongst winners. Every winner of the grand prize will get their check.
  • The grand prize check is not allowed to be sold to strangers for money in return. That is considered gross misconduct and a violation of the rules.
  • You cannot exchange the grand prize with cash or anything else.
  • Entry to the survey is only allowed once per individual. Any other entry preceding the first one is removed.
  • Personal documents should be submitted within 7 days in case you are the monthly winner.

Firehouse Listens Survey Instructions

  • Log into the survey page at and choose your preferred language.
  • On the next interface, you will see two receipt pictures. They each indicate the different kinds of receipts, one with the 16 digit code and the 20 digit code.
  • On the next interface, choose the code printed on the receipt—key in the small empty boxes. Also, fill in the amount of money on your receipt.
Firehouse Listens Survey step 1
  • Submit and begin answering the survey questions.
Firehouse Listens Survey step 2
  • Ensure to be as honest and discreet as possible. The answers you give will be used as valuable information and as a foundational basis of decision making for the company’s future.
Firehouse Listens Survey step 3
  • After completion of the survey, you will need to give your information details. The company will use these details to contact you in case you are the monthly winner.
Firehouse Listens Survey step 4

About Firehouse Subs

Firehouse Subs is a vast chain of fast-food restaurants. It was founded in the year 1994 by two brothers: Robin and Chris, in Jacksonville. It has an extensive chain of restaurants making 1180 restaurants and spread over all the States of America, including Puerto Rico and Canada.

Firehouse subs guest satisfaction survey mainly helps Firehouse listens to improve its customer services. The restaurants are distributed through the major cities of the United States. They mainly specialize in such food as cheese and meat sandwiches, hot subs, toasted and hot sub rolls among others.

Their core purpose is to give their customers a family-oriented atmosphere. Their sandwiches are available in themed names. Firehouse survey mainly helps them to know what to do and not to do while offering their services.

The survey only takes at most 7 minutes and you get a chance to win a 500 prize check. This will help Firehouse Subs in making their service standards and food better.  

Contact Information

Customer Care Number: 1-888-289-6185.

Email address:

Sponsor/Administrator: Firehouse Restaurant Group, Inc., 12735 Grand Bay Parkway, Suite 150, Jacksonville, FL 32258 Inc., 300 State St. Suite 402 Rochester, NY 14614

Working Hours:

11 AM-11 PM

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