Design Matters To Your Business

Do you consider a good design a worthy investment?

Lots of businesses don’t, and they end up paying the hefty price of a poorly designed product or website.

A good product, website, or packaging design has numerous benefits.

For starters, it gives your customers a good first impression of your product, increases your revenue while also echoing personality and professionalism for your business.

For instance, many fashion businesses use product design tools such as mockups to promote their apparel. A clothing mockup is a well-designed representation of how the end product will look like. This design tool helps you build your fashion portfolio while showcasing how your apparel will look when worn by real people.

Besides, if you’re still working on building stocks for your business, mockups are great for sharing a catalog of your products. These design models will also enable you to get an idea of the reception the final product will attract from customers.

Not yet convinced that a good design is a great asset for your business? Here are four more reasons why you shouldn’t underestimate the power of a strong design.

1. Makes a Good Impression on Your Customers

A well-designed product or website makes a good first impression on your customers. So does a well-designed logo or product label.

Many customers make purchase decisions based on the first impression they have with products. A design can communicate what your product is and if it’s worth buying in less than a second.

Moreover, a good design can make your brand memorable. For instance, using a vibrant color or a refreshing design in your packaging can make it easier for customers to remember your product.  

Therefore, in today’s highly competitive world, give your customers a reason to keep buying your product by pairing it with a good design.

Good Impression on Your Customers

2. Increases Sales

If your designs are current and impressive, you’ll find that people will tend to buy your products more.

Undoubtedly, we eat with our eyes, and this also relates to how we buy products. This is also the reason why products with great packaging and distinctive designs get more sales.

For example, products that use attractive packaging and have their brand message clearly displayed on the package emotionally connect with customers leading to more sales.

On the other hand, a product with a poorly designed website discourages potential customers from going past the homepage or revising the site again. The result is poor sales.

3. Enhances Trust

We are living in a digital age where every business has an online presence.

And the customers haven’t been left behind, as most of them have their first encounter with a business online. The impression your site or mobile app leaves on these customers determines if they can trust your products.

Research shows that 94% of the instances your customers reject your site is due to design issues. Some of the design elements that often lead to rapid website rejection include:

  • Too much text
  • Slow loading speed
  • Pop-up ads
  • Use of illegible text
  • Use of boring website designs
  • Few navigation aids
  • Busy layouts

Always ensure the visual design of your website is impressive if you want users to keep coming back. Further, your site should be designed to give the users a seamless experience.

Good Design Matters To Your Business

4. Improves the User-Friendliness of Your Content

A significant benefit of good design is making complex information easy to understand.

The use of suitable font sizes, the right topography, and appealing layouts on your product can highlight the important message you want your user to focus on.

Besides, using design tools such as mockups can help you choose suitable design elements that will put a message across in a powerful way.

Thus, a good design helps make content more user-friendly by simplifying complex language to an easier-to-understand format.

If you’ve been hesitant to invest in sound design, then it’s time to take a leap of faith. A good design sets you apart from your competitors, increases your sales, builds trust for your product, and makes your content stand out.

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