By simply sharing your experience via the Cinemark Customer Satisfaction Survey, you are entered into the Cinemark sweepstakes. And there is a chance to get free popcorn. Here is all that you need to know to participate.

This survey can be accessed from the website and is administered to get customer responses to questions in the survey questionnaire. These responses are then analyzed for the organization to get to know what you like about Cinemark and what does not please you. Through this, they can know your feelings towards their services. Complaints on their services can also be expressed.

Through this, Cinemark can further improve and offer better services. Your honesty is therefore required. Ensure the answers provided are truthful for the success of the survey. You also stand a chance of being a lucky winner of free movies for a whole year.

The company desires to get your feedback through the survey. It is among the best means for you as a customer to express your views. 

To complete the survey, you will need to have a valid theatre ID printed out on the most recent movie ticket you bought.

The survey is composed of various questions on the portal at here, you get to give your rating. It could either be positive or negative as per your personal experience in the theatre.

Cinemark survey is one of the best surveys out there as it mostly deals with customer entertainment. The survey additionally gives you the chance of winning tickets for free movies. The survey not only deals with your feedback as a customer but also that of employees.

Cinemark customer survey requirements and details

Survey Rewardsa year’s worth of free movies
Prerequisites of SurveyNo purchase is required
Survey Requirements & RestrictionsIneligible to Cinemark employees and people under the age of 18 years
Contact InformationCustomer Service Email:
Contact Number: 1-800-246-3627
Working HoursDaily 10.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m.

Cinemark Survey Rules

Prerequisites of cinemark Survey

Not everyone can take part in this survey. To increase the efficiency of the survey, it has to reach the target audience. The following restrictions and requirements ensure it reaches the target population:

Cinemark Survey Requirements & Restrictions

  • Participants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • The survey is presented to customers in English and Spanish. You are therefore required to be conversant in either language.
  • You need to have a valid email address and phone number to take part in the sweepstakes.
  • A PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone with good internet connectivity is necessary along with a stable network.
  • You can only take part in the survey if you possess the Cinemark survey access code or invitation to participate in the survey. This can be found on the ticket receipt.
  • Only residents of the United States can participate in the survey.


  • If you are a resident of a state where company surveys are not allowed by law, you will not be allowed entry.
  • In the event you are the winner of the free movies prize, you can only use it before the end of the established year.
  • No one is allowed to participate in the survey more than once over an entry period. This can result in a ban. 
  • You can not take part in the competition if you played a role in developing the Cinemark survey or the sweepstakes. Associates and employees of Cinemark cannot enter the sweepstakes.
  • Selling the prize won for money is not possible. 

Cinemark Survey Instruction


  1. Go to the official portal of the survey which you can find at
  2. Enter the preferred language. This can be either Spanish or English.
  3. Then key in the theater ID, Date and Time of Visit, and the Access Code. These can be found on your ticket.

  1. After all the details have been entered, click the “Start” button.
  2. The page redirects you to a questionnaire page.
  3. Rate your level of satisfaction from your previous experience at Cinemark.
  4. A comment or suggestion can also be left while doing this.
  5. Submit the completed survey.
  6. Following the completion of the survey, your consent will be required to enter you in the monthly Cinemark sweepstakes. Enrollment into the sweepstakes program requires you to enter personal information like name, number, email ID, address, and date of birth.

  1. Be patient for the winner’s list to be announced. 

About Cinemark

Cinemark theaters around the world are owned and operated by Cinemark Holdings, Inc company. It was established back in 1984. The organization has faithfully been meeting the needs of movie lovers from all corners of the globe. It does this by exhibiting all the new Hollywood blockbusters and latest releases of international dramas.

It has been known to stick strictly to its schedule over the years rarely ever being late to show movies. Contrary to popular presumption, the food that you get from the cinema is realistically priced.

In the course of the COVID – 19 pandemics, Cinemark went through a great setback. They however managed to maintain the business afloat. This was accomplished thanks to determined and passionate professionals they have employed under a quality founder and chairman by the name Lee Roy Mitchell. Weathering the pandemic is also greatly attributed to loyal moviegoers like you. With that, the company came up with Cinemark survey free movies for a year for you.

Since Cinemark runs more than 500 theaters around the world, it is challenging to manage all of them at times. They are thus seeking help from you through the survey. Your feedback on your Cinemark experience is valuable to them. Providing them with honest survey answers greatly aids in the improvement of their services.


Cinemark Theaters want to improve the quality of their services and increase their standards to satisfy you better. It is therefore conducting a customer satisfaction survey to get your opinion and general feedback concerning their services.

Useful Links

Cinemark Contact Information

Customer Service Email:

Contact Number: 1-800-246-3627

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