Buffalo WildWings
Survey RewardsA $5 off free coupon redeemable at any participating Buffalo of Wild Wings
Prerequisites of SurveyTo be a participant in this survey. You have to have made a purchase and received a receipt for it at a Buffalo Wildwings outlet. You should also be a legal resident of the United States as well as an adult.
Requirements & RestrictionYou are required to be able to converse in either English or Spanish. Only one entry per person is allowed. The reward can also be voided if it is considered illegal.
Contact InformationTo access the survey through the www.bwwlistens.com 
Company email: jdoe@BuffaloWildWings.com
Phone number: +966 59 892 4252
Working hoursOpen from 11 am to midnight

www.BuffaloWildWings.com Survey Rewards

The Buffalo WildWing survey allows customers to give their opinions on the food and service at their outlets through the internet. They get rewarded with a Buffalo WildWings coupon code worth 50 dollars that can be redeemed at any of the participating Buffalo wild wings outlets.

 Buffalo WildWings Survey Rules

Prerequisites of Survey

To be able to participate in the survey, you have to have several qualifications. Some of them include:

  • You have to be over the age of 18
  • You have to have access to the internet
  • All participants must have access to a smartphone, tablet, or an internet-capable computer
  • You have to be a legal resident of the United States of America
  • All entrants have to have a valid email address
  • Participants must have a valid phone number

Requirements & Restrictions

To participate in the survey, you have to first meet some requirements. As per the terms and conditions of the survey, it also limits who and how much people can interact with it.

Below are some requirements and restrictions pertaining to the survey. 

  • They have to have a good grasp of English or Spanish:
  • Participants can only access the survey through the internet
  • Participants are required to have 5-10 minutes to answer the survey questions
  • All entrants are required to be able to remember their experience at the store
  • Winners bear responsibility for any taxes that may emerge from the reward
  • Buffalo Wild Wings employees are not allowed to participate
  • The coupon cannot be transferred from one person to another
  •  All entrants are allowed a single entry per person
  • The survey can be voided if it is not in accordance with the law
  • Participants are not allowed to combine the coupon with other rewards
  • The coupon cannot be exchanged for money 

BWWListens Survey Instructions

Buffalo WildWings Survey
  1. Access the survey online through the buffalo wild wings survey website www.bwwlistens.com
  2. Enter a 16-digit survey code printed in the receipt from your purchase.
  3. Click NEXT, and proceed to enter the visit type and the date you made the visit.
  4. Click the NEXT button, continue to rate the level of satisfaction you got from your last visit to the Buffalo Wild wings outlet.
  5. Click the NEXT button and get access to the survey questions.
  6. Upon answering the questions, you will give the suggestions, your inputs, and give issue your take in your own words.
  7. Click the NEXT to complete the survey. You will be prompted to enter your contact details, including the email ID and your phone number. This data will be used to contact you to inform you of discounts or any promotional materials. They will also inform you of the opportunity to participate in more surveys in the future.
  8. On completion, you will get a Buffalo Wild Wings survey coupon code that you can redeem at any of the participating Buffalo Wild Wings for products worth fifty dollars. 

About BuffaloWildWings

Buffalo WildWings restaurant has been a favorite for many Americans solely for how much they love the chicken wings. They have maintained a great standing with the community. This can be partly attributed to the multiple flavors and recipes like their famous honey-coated sides and BBQ painted wings. However, this success has come at a cost. The chain has been in existence for close to 35 years. In that time, they have had to feed off a lot of competition that is typical for the food industry in the United States.

Apart from their unique food and flavors, the company’s ability to adapt to the changes in consumer tastes and the palate of the area they decide to operate. To survive in a typically low-margin business the chain needs traffic into the outlets.

The managers understand that the customer experience is crucial to their operations. As such they have invested in getting as much customer feedback on the food and the in-store experience. Through the BWW listeners, managers can get valuable first hand decisions to be used in their decision-making process. This allows them to improve the quality of services and their food offerings.

Through the survey BuffaloWildWings customers also get the feeling of being more invested in their favorite restaurant as they can shape for their specific needs. It also helps increase customer loyalty to the chain which helps with their bottom-line. 

Contact Information

Company email: jdoe@BuffaloWildWings.com

Phone number: +966 59 892 4252

Working Hours

The physical stores are open from 11 pm to midnight. However, the survey can be accessed anytime since it’s online.

 Useful Links

Company website: https://www.BuffaloWildWings.com/

Survey website: http://www.bwwlistens.com/

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