www.biglots.com survey Rewards$1000 gift card
Prerequisites of BigLotsSurvey18 years and above, valid e-mail address, resident of the U.S. or District of Columbia
Requirements & RestrictionsKnow either English or Spanish, one entry per person, give correct information
Contact Information1-866-244-5687
Working HoursMonday to Friday: 8 am to 10 pmSaturday and Sunday: 8 am to 8 pm.

BigLotsSurvey Rewards

All who decide to participate in the Big Lots survey, get an entry into the sweepstakes after completing the study. The winner of the sweepstakes receives a $1000 gift card. To get more information on the survey rewards, visit https://www.biglots.com/

www.biglots.com Survey Rules

Big Lots Inc. has put in place certain conditions for effective survey conduction. The rules are there to help collect relevant feedback as accurately as possible.


Before you get the chance to participate in the survey, you have to meet the following requirements:

  • The participant should be 18years and above.
  • Every participant should have a valid e-mail address.
  • Only those living in the U.S. or District of Columbia participate in the Big Lots customer survey.
  • One should have a working device with a good internet connection.

Requirements and Restrictions

After you qualify all the prerequisites stated above, there are other rules that govern the conduction of the BigLots survey. They are:

  • There are two language options, English and Spanish; you have to be conversant with one of the two.
  • Participants are to give correct information throughout the survey. False information may lead to your survey getting rejected. If you provide the wrong contact information, you will not get the $1000 gift card if you win. 
  • Those participants who give false information are liable to prosecution.
  • There is one entry per person/ per month/ per e-mail policy. 
  • BigLots employees, their family members, or anybody associated with the organization’s management do not take part in the surveys. 
  • The winner of the sweepstakes cannot transfer the prizes won to someone else.

www.biglotssurvey.com Instructions

You can use three different methods to participate in the sweepstakes and get yourself a chance of winning amazing prizes. You can either conduct the survey online with a purchase receipt, participate in the survey online without a purchase receipt, or through mailing.

biglots survey page

Here’s a brief description of how to go about all three procedures:

With a purchase receipt

The steps are simple and easy to initiate. They include;

  • Visit www.BigLotsSurvey.com.
  • Choose the language you will understand, that is English or Spanish.
  • Click “Begin Survey”.
  • You are then asked, “Did you make a purchase?” Click on “Yes” then “Next” to proceed.
  • Fill in the register, transaction, and store number in the relevant fields. All this information is available on the receipt.
  • Enter the date and time of visit as shown on the receipt.
  • Click on “Next” to begin the survey.
  • Answer the given questions honestly, and try to provide accurate feedback.
  • Afterward, there is a comment section where you give ideas on improving the products and services offered.
  • The next step is to enter your contact details. This will help them contact you in case you win the sweepstakes.

Then you get one entry to the sweepstakes.

Without a purchase receipt

Big Lots’ clients can also win the $1000 gift card without making any purchase. This is the procedure to follow if you have no receipt.

  • Visit Big Lots Survey.com.
  • Choose between English or Spanish language.
  • Click on “Begin Survey”.
  • When asked “Did you make a purchase?” Choose “No” and click “Next “.
  • A drop-down menu populates where you have to pick a store that you want to provide feedback for.
  • Answer the questions honestly.

After completing the survey, you give information on how they can contact you if you win the sweepstakes.

You then get one entry to the sweepstakes.

Through mailing

You can also take part in the surveys by submitting your feedback using mailing services. The procedure includes;

  • You get a piece of paper between 3.5″×5″ and 4.25″×6″.
  • On the piece of paper, write your full names, date of birth, and contact details.
  • Feel free to give your feedback and ideas concerning your last visit to their stores.
  • Use the mailing address; BigLots Guest Experience Survey Sweepstakes Entry, 625 Panorama Trail, Suite 2100, Rochester, NY 14625-2437.
  • Add postage then send your postcard.

About Big Lots

BigLotsSurvey is a service provided by Big Lots Inc. that started in 1967. Since then, the company has over 1400 stores in the U.S. and employs more than 20,000 workers. The company excels in giving their customers the best, and this is reflected by Big Lots Inc., generating a revenue of over $5 billion.

The one-stop-shop sells its products at affordable prices, and through the survey, they get to improve on the services. The information collected during the study helps when determining what the best marketing or advertising strategy is.

Contact Information

If you have any queries or if you seek more clarity on the survey, use the customer service number 1-866-244-5687 through which you will get assistance. Also visit their official website at BigLotsSurvey.com for more information about the rewards, rules and regulations and other details concerning the survey.

You can also contact them through social media platforms that are Facebook or Twitter.

Working Hours

Big Lots Inc. operates throughout the week but at different times depending on the day. From Monday to Friday, they open at 8 am and close at 10 pm. For Saturday and Sunday, they operate for fewer hours, from 8 am to 8 pm. 

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Importance of Big Lots Survey

Some of the benefits of taking part in the BigLotsSurvey com are:

  1. By giving feedback and ideas, you help improve their services, and the result is that Big Lots Inc. gets to grow and become better.
  2. You win rewards by giving your insights. There is a chance of winning a $1000 gift card for sharing your feedback. Answer the questions honestly and provide accurate information.
  3. You can report any adverse incidents you came across during your visit to their stores in the comment section of the survey.
  4. Information contained in the survey helps BigLots Inc. when determining the best marketing and advertising strategies.

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