Bathroom Safety

For most of us, the bathroom is an ordinary part of the home. We hardly pay attention to the wet high-rise shelves or slick floors. But, for our seniors, the same place can prove to be a death threat. So before you will choose your new bath or Swiss-made duschkabine komplett, consider every detail to ensure safety.

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control & Prevention), almost 235,000 people visit the hospital because of bathroom-related injuries. Their study also revealed that the frequency of injuries increases after the age of 85.

So, if you have an elderly member at home, it’s high time to take effective measures for bathroom safety. Read to learn how to prevent falls and more!

Install Grab Rails

Grab bars or rails are a must-have in bathrooms for elderly and disabled people. These long bars offer them something to grip and balance themselves. It also helps provide support in case the person slips and falls. 

Please note the best position for grab rails is near the toilet and the showering tub. The grab rails should be installed straight around the bathroom. But, they should be at an angle near the toilet to help the senior get up easily.

Bathroom Grab Rails

Place Non-Slip Mats

Wet floor surfaces are the primary cause of falls and injuries. It’s important that the floor remains dry at all times. You can ensure this by installing a good ventilation system and storing a handy mop inside.

If you find a dry bathroom floor to be unachievable, it’s best to go with non-slip mats. The edges of these mats stick to the ground. So, they do not slide around the surface.

They’re also thin, which prevents tripping over and falling. You can place them around the commonly used areas like the toilet and sink.

Raise the Height of Toilets

Another efficient way to avoid injuries in the bathroom is to increase the height of the toilet. Typical modern-day toilets are designed to be around 15-inches tall. For the elderly, this can mean too much effort while using it.

It’s better to either opt for a safer model that is 17+ inches tall. Or, install a raised toilet seat. It will provide at least 3 to 4-inches for easier usage.

Go Through the Lights

The bathroom should always have brightly lit interiors. It helps seniors with vision problems see what they’re doing clearly. They can also spot water spills and avoid them easily.

For late-night hours, there should be special arrangements. Install nightlights or motion sensor bulbs. Both lighting types are a great way to provide guidance in the darkness.

Clean Regularly

Grime can build up over time, making the bathroom surfaces extremely greasy. So, even when the elderly tries to grab at these surfaces, chances are that he won’t receive the necessary support. 

It’s why bathrooms should be cleaned regularly. From the shower cubicle to the sinks, everything should be scrubbed, rinsed, and dried. This also prevents germs from settling down and causes diseases.

Bathroom Safety

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